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Enterprise purpose: We design, manufacture and provide safe, effective and innovative products to meet the continuous needs of customers.


Quality policy: Strictly control purchases, strengthen process control, provide safe products, and ensure customer satisfaction.


Quality management: In the process of continuous reform and innovation, we have created a product quality that is more attractive, more credible, more valuable, and more difficult to surpass than competitors.


Enterprise turn to mind: unity, loyalty, pragmatism and learning.

Corporate culture: serious, honest, and good-looking; communication, innovation, and building a learning enterprise.


Core values: Faith as the foundation, honesty as the foundation, and virtue as the source


Management philosophy: create common goals, achieve common responsibilities, and reach consensus with everyone.


Management: Proactive, fast, and closer to customers.


The main products are optical instrument series such as gun sights, red dot sights, sighting scopes, monoculars, periscopes, etc.

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General Manager: 86-13706292375
Sales Manager: 86-13813711088
E-mail: ntbaisite@126.com
Address: No. 198, Yanjiang Roadkou Industrial Park, Wujie Town, Tongzhou District, Nantong City
Foreign trade contact: Wang Shaohui
Phone: 86-13920705968
E-mail: wang_shaohui2000@163.com

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