The life of the scope and the correct use method

A scope, viewed from the outside, is made of all metal, except for aluminum, which is glass. In theory, the hardness of glass is greater than steel. In this case, the sight should be a more durable item.

How to adjust the parallax of the scope? How to zero the parallax?

Everyone who buys a new sight needs to complete the same task before using it, that is, adjust the parallax of the sight and return it to zero.

Introduction to some knowledge about sight

The sight is generally used to aim at objects, and it is used more in physical exercises. Some tourist attractions now have some live action field projects, which will use sights.

How to choose a suitable scope fixture?

First look at the guide rail, and use your guide rail to determine whether you are suitable for a wide rail or a narrow rail fixture

The benefits of using an integrated tube body

The one-piece tube is the outer tube of the scope when CNC machining, the front tube, the middle section of the adjustment button part, and the rear tube shell are connected into an integral part, which is turned and formed at one time (some scopes will be stamped once)

What is the working principle of an optical sight?

Like a telescope, the sight can zoom in on the distant scene and magnify the object to a certain multiple. But optical sights and telescopes are two different concepts of optical instruments. We all know that telescopes use convex and concave mirrors to complete their work. So what is the working principle of optical sights? How does it work? Why optical sights Can you aim the object?

The main products are optical instrument series such as gun sights, red dot sights, sighting scopes, monoculars, periscopes, etc.

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