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2.5-10x40 with laser red dot
2.5-10x40 with laser red dot

2.5-10x40 with laser red dot

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The company mainly produces gun sights, red dot sights, sighting scopes, spotting scopes, periscopes and other optical instrument series products. Among them, civilian gun sights have more than 200 varieties of fixed magnification, variable magnification, and wide-angle series of different calibers. Specifications, annual production capacity exceeds 800,000; products are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and other places, with a market share of about 30%.

● The exit pupil distance of 4 inches (100mm) keeps your eyes in a comfortable and safe position when you aim

● The wide-angle field of view allows you to obtain a wider field of view, which minimizes the feeling of being bound when aiming

● Ultra-high resolution, the use of high-quality optical materials ensures smaller aberrations in the whole system, and the optimal amount of optical lens participation ensures high-contrast image presentation

● A flatter imaging surface ensures excellent imaging performance from the middle to the edge of the full field of view. At the same time, when your aiming point does not choose the center of the field of view, it is possible to avoid aiming errors as much as possible;

● Smaller image distortion, to ensure that the picky you see a very small distortion image

● High-grade optical glass and excellent multilayer coating technology enable the whole system to obtain a higher proportion of light passing through, helping you to easily cope with low light illumination;

● The mirror tube is high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum and heat-treated, which is 20% higher than ordinary sights, which is a reliable guarantee for high shock resistance. Our shock resistance standard is: 2000 times@800G;

● Waterproof, anti-fog, impact resistance

● Ultra-high brightness first focal plane reticle lighting

● Ultra-clear differentiation image and ultra-high resolution

● Surface hard oxidation technology makes the surface of the mirror tube obtain a harder and thicker protective layer, and the surface scratch resistance is increased by 30%

● All lead-free glass is adopted, which makes the product lighter while being environmentally friendly.

● Zero-Stop/self-locking/revolution calculation

● Can be installed with matting tube


Product number

  5-30x56 FFP IR





Pipe diameter


Objective lens diameter φ


Reticle position

  First focal plane

Exit pupil diameter φ


Exit pupil distance


Field of view
(ft/100 yds / m/100m)


Diopter range

  -3 to +2

Click value


E/W Maximum movement


Parallax adjustment

  10yds - ∞

Total length

  weight   810g/28.6oz
  battery   CR2032

bright adjustment

  6-speed adjustment, 6 on and 6 off


  1m underwater

Shading tube thread


Nitrogen filling


Operating temperature

  -20 °C / +55 °C

Storage temperature

  -30 °C / +70 °C


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The main products are optical instrument series such as gun sights, red dot sights, sighting scopes, monoculars, periscopes, etc.

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